Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

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About the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is a community that supports and advocates for its member businesses. Our mission is to promote a healthy and robust business environment in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce will be the foremost resource for doing business in Brooklyn, respected as a leader in advancing public policy, new technologies, products, services and programs that support and promote a vibrant local economy.

Go Brooklyn
“The Coolest City on the Planet.” GQ
It’s true, Brooklyn is the coolest city on the planet filled with amazing restaurants, shops, cultural institutions and everything in between. Brooklyn offers possibility and exploration for each and every individual. Taste food from around the world, take a stroll in our picturesque parks, enjoy a musical performance or visit the historic Brooklyn Bridge.

Not Just Cool, Smart
Not only is Brooklyn cool, it’s a smart place to do business. Brooklyn is leading the way in job growth and innovation. Over the last decade Brooklyn gained 50,000 jobs, far outpacing the rest of New York City.

For those interested in expanding an existing business, or launching a new one, Brooklyn is the place to be and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is the organization that can help you achieve your goals.

Brooklyn offers 96 square miles of possibility. 2.5 million Brooklynites can’t be wrong. Come find out what all the buzz is about.

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